MODLR is a business modelling and collaborative planning software that provides everything needed to enable a connected financial planning process.

Technical & Financial Knowledge

Flexible & Affordable

Designed for Growth

Behind Your Business

Smarter and better connected financial operations

Move away from disconnected financial operations and power your business performance with MODLR – the most progressive cloud-based business modelling and reporting platform used by organisations across the globe.
  • Integrate all your business tools in one place
  • Offers interactive reporting & visualisation tools
  • Easily collaborate on annual budgets & forecasting
  • Rapidly compare complex business scenarios
  • Eliminate manual tasks & data errors
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime on any device

Corporate Reporting

Collaborative Planning

Business Modelling

Workforce & Resource Planning

Servitium’s Process

Why do we build on the MODLR cloud platform?

Modern finance leaders need the numbers that matter at their fingertips. Servitium believes MODLR is the most powerful cloud-based corporate performance management platform available today. It offers our clients the ability to create a more customised, connected and collaborative financial and operational environment. By reducing manual tasks and streamlining processes, teams are able to boost productivity, uncover insights and drive competitive advantage.

A wide range of powerful features

Designed for users across all departments and roles – including finance, sales, marketing and IT. MODLR has a range of cutting-edge features for our clients, including:

  • Seamless ERP & Excel integration
  • Dynamic reporting & interactive visualisation
  • Simple, easily adjustable dashboards
  • Globally applied business modelling
  • Powerful Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) capabilities
  • Strong security controls across role & function
  • Email & SMS notifications & updates
  • Automated daily back-ups

Unlock the potential of MODLR

Everyday our clients enjoy the incredible benefits that MODLR delivers to their business. By powering faster and smarter decision-making, it offers:

  • Flexibility to adapt to fast-changing situations
  • A single source of truth for your business data
  • Improved reporting by eliminating manual errors
  • Scalable & fully collaborative planning environment
  • Ability to test & analyse complex business scenarios
  • A more productive & empowered workforce

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